Daily Schedule Part 1 (Weeks 1-6)

Communicating in the New Connection Economy

week 1

Tuesday, Jan. 16
Introductions & What is Web 2.0?
In-class: Composition as Design activity
In-class: Watch The Machine is Us/ing Us and Web 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and Beyond
Homework assigned: Canvas Discussion Forum (link), “What role does the web play in your daily life?”
Read: Ede and Lunsford, Among the Audience

Thursday, Jan. 18
What is the Connection Economy?
Read: The Five Canon’s of Classical Rhetoric
Read: The Design Plan approach to production and analysis
Homework assigned: Respond to a classmate’s Canvas Discussion forum post. Find your response to the question “What role does the web play in your daily life?” and respond to the person whose response is immediately below yours. If you are last, respond to the first person listed.
Design Plan assigned

week 2

Tuesday, Jan. 23
Finding Your Passion
Watch: Gary Vaynerchuk’s Web 2.0 Expo NY talk
In-class: Vishen Lakhiani’s Three Most Important Questions activity
Homework assigned: Use the Three Questions activity to write your design plan
Website and Blog Project assigned

Thursday, Jan. 25
Blogging (and Tweeting and Facebooking and Pinning) Your Passion
Wordpress set-up
Read: Reid, Why Blog?
Read: The Web Writing Style Guide, Introduction (p. 2-24)

Tech Presentation Project Assigned

week 3

Tuesday, Jan. 30
Developing Your Online Ethos
Read: Fortini, O Pioneer Woman!
Design Plan due
Blog Analysis Project assigned

Thursday, Feb. 1
Introduction to Visual Design
Read: The Web Writing Style Guide, The Rhetorics of the Web chapter up through the WTF (Why This Font?) section, p. 25-48. (Please be sure to read the two linked articles in the CRAP section, p. 40)

Read: Writer/Designer p. 20-39
Tech Presentation: Group #1
In-class: learn about CRAP, Color, & Typography
Blog work time
Web Address (URL) due

week 4

Tuesday, Feb. 6
Plagiarism v. Stealing v. Remixing
Read: Web Writing Style Guide, It’s Not Plagiarism If It’s on the Web, Right?, p. 53-57

Read: Writer/Designer p. 57-76
Blog “About” and “Welcome” pages and Header image due by the end of the day

Thursday, Feb. 8
How to Use Sources in the Connection Economy
Group #2 Tech Presentation
Watch: Lessig, TED Talk on Creative Commons
Watch: Ferguson’s Everything is a Remix
Read: Danielle DeVoss and James Porter’s article
Read: Writer/Designer p. 57-76
In-class: Collaboratively design our class honor pledge
Blog Analysis Project due
Blog Post 1 due

week 5

Tuesday, Feb. 13
How To Do Research in the Connection Economy
Read: Sirc, Composition after Duchamp
Listen: What is Original?
Watch: Everything is a Remix
Watch: Steal Like an Artist

Thursday, Feb. 15
How To Do Research in the Connection Economy
Tech Presentation: Group #3
Read: Purdy & Walker, Digital Breadcrumbs: Case Studies of Online Research
Homework assigned: Canvas Discussion Forum, “How do you research in the digital age?”
Homework assigned: Complete the blog workshop/peer review outside of class—Read your group members’ blogs bring the completed workshop sheet for each blog with you to class on Tuesday.
Blog Post 2 due

week 6

Tuesday, Feb. 20
Digital Delivery—Getting Your Work Circulating
Read: Ridolfo & DeVoss, Composing For Recomposition: Rhetorical Velocity and Delivery
Research Journal entry 1 due

Thursday, Feb. 22
Digital Delivery—Getting Your Work Circulating
Tech Presentation: Group #4
In-class: Learn how to integrate social media sites with your blog
Listen: Hidden Brain Podcast: When It Comes To Politics and ‘Fake News,’ Facts Aren’t Enough
Listen: Radiolab Podcast: Breaking News and accompanying video
Read: How to Spot Fake News
Read: Writer/Designer pg. 1-19
Blog Post 3 due