Blog Requirements

due dates

many due dates throughout the semester. See below for the dates for each part of the project. These dates are also on the daily schedule.


100 points (see below for breakdown)


  • a blog created in WordPress (or another sanctioned website/blog builder)
  • a total of 10 posts (one a week for ten weeks with lowest dropped)
  • a blogroll/links section with at least 10 links


Your blog should be thematically unified; that is, it should have a clearly identifiable topic that is related to the online identity you outlined in your design plan. Examples of topics are biology, personal finance, contemporary poetry, national politics, cooking, etc. Your blog must take your general theme or topic and narrow it down to fit a specific purpose and audience. For example, a blog on personal finance could target college students as its audience and narrow the purpose to offering advice on how to develop a household budget and stay out of credit card debt.

Your blog should be informative or analytical or a combination of the two. That is, the purpose should be to provide readers with useful information on a topic and/or to provide a critique or analysis of specific issues related to that topic. This does not mean that your blog cannot be creative, entertaining, or funny. Often times social or cultural critique takes the form of humor (think The Simpsons or The Daily Show), and it can also be creative (think of all the works of literature that provide cultural critique).


The following blog assignment guidelines will insure that the blog posts overall have the desired level of thought and complexity and will insure equity in the evaluation process. Remember that the blogs are an experimental writing space for the purposes of our course; therefore, it is appropriate (and sometimes necessary) to shift the focus of your writing throughout the semester to meet changing audiences and contexts.

  1. The blog project includes 10 weekly posts worth 10 points each for a total of 90 points (lowest dropped). Two points are subtracted for each day a post is late. Two points are subtracted if a post is not tagged and categorized. Points will be deducted for posts that do not address your statement of purpose (audience, purpose, and context) as defined in your design plan.
  2. The blog must have a blogroll/links section of at least 10 links by the end of the project (i.e., the day the last post is due). 10 points.
  3. Blog posts may vary in length, but by the end of the semester the lengths should break down as follows: 1/2 of posts 500-750 words; 1/2 250 – 500 words (this is dependent on your purpose and context but it should be the work-time equivalent of these lengths). You will post to your blog every Thursday by start of class preferably and midnight at the latest (See below for a list of exact post due dates).
  4. At least seven of your posts should contain links to and discussion of outside sources–the sources can be text, audio, video, still images, etc. Original photographs or other media you create for a blog post can substitute for an outside source.

components and due dates

Weekly Posts (10 points each–lowest dropped)
All posts are due on Thursdays at the start of class, but blog posts can be posted at any point during the week prior to Thursday. For example, the Thursday, Feb. 15 post can be completed any time after the previous week’s post (from Thursday, Feb. 8 after class to Thursday, Feb. 15 at the start of class).

Post 1: Thursday, 2/8

Post 2: Thursday, 2/15

Post 3: Thursday, 2/22

Post 4: Thursday, 3/1

Post 5: Thursday, 3/8

Post 6: Thursday, 3/22

Post 7: Thursday, 3/29

Post 8: Thursday, 4/5

Post 9: Thursday, 4/12

Post 10: Thursday, 4/19


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