Reflective Analysis

due date

Thursday, April 26


5 points (5%)


1000-1250 word (approximately 4-5 pages double-spaced) submitted in the Assignments Section of Canvas.


In this analytical paper reflect on your experience designing a website and keeping a blog this semester. Please use your design plan as part of your evaluation criteria; that is, when evaluating the effectiveness of your project, don’t just think about whether or not you like it, but about how well it meets the needs of your audience, purpose, and context. I will use your reflective analysis and your design plan as my guide for evaluating the rhetorical effectiveness of your website and blog. See the project main page for the rhetorical effectiveness criteria.


Consider all of the following questions in your analysis, but not necessarily in this order:

  • Revisite your design plan. What was your planned audience, purpose, and context? How did these evolve during the course of the semester if at all?
  • How did you draft and revise your welcome and about pages to meet the needs of your statement of purpose (audience, purpose, & context)?
  • How well does the fourth page of your choice meet the needs of your statement of purpose?
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your visual design. What changes, if any, did you make over the course of the semester? Does it currently meet the needs of your statement of purpose? How? If it does not, what would you change and how? For example, you might write that you would redesign your header image if you felt it did not appeal to your target audience.
  • How well did your blog end up fitting in with your overall online identity design plan? That is, how does your WordPress/alternative site build the ethos you want to have?
  • Do you think your choice of topic and approach turned out to be appropriate to a blog format?
  • What aspects of your website and blog are you satisfied with and what would you do differently if you were to start over? Why? Make sure to address your visual design, pages, links/blogroll, tags and categories as well as your written posts and explain why you think these parts of your website/blog worked or didn’t.
  • Are there any blog posts you are particularly proud of? Why?
  • How important were other’s comments (or lack thereof) to the overall success of your blog?
  • Can you think of other situations in which you would keep a blog in the future? If yes, why and what situations? If no, why not?



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